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About us

Uni Recycling

Commitment to sustainable development

While environmental impacts of industrialization seem pretty much known through numerous studies in the last couple of decades, human being’s historical negligence in consequences of industrial activities is leading us to the point of no-return. This explains the significance of environmental services in the world today.

In 2005, a group of Romanian environmentalists with German know-how were gathered to form a company with high hopes for mother nature. As the name suggests, Uni-Recycling mainly aims at turning waste to value in global scale by recycling what is regarded as waste.

Consequently, soon after establishment, we broadened our approach to remote and highly deprived locations to intervene in the situations where everybody else left off and feed our ambitions. This dedication fueled our motivation for research and development, which in turn extended our services and created the capacity to respond to many challenges with our tailored solutions, as every environmental issue is more or less unique in its nature.

Enjoying a team of highly experienced managers and experts, Uni-Recycling is now recognized globally as a reliable partner for environmental protection. To accomplish our goals, we have partnered up with several renowned firms in the field to integrate their products into our solutions and meet the market demands.

The Company’s policy revolves around customer satisfaction by offering top quality integrated environmental services supported by a logistics team that can quickly deploy equipment and experts across the continents, because the essence of environmental issues demands working against time. Uni-Recycling is always receptive to customers’ demands and particular requirements to provide the best and the most efficient solutions to protect communities, plants, workers, and the environment

Worldwide presence

During more than 16 years of activity, Uni-Recycling has successfully completed all the projects in which it has been involved, currently having over 100 highly trained specialists and expanding its territory in both Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Vision and mission

Our mission is to safeguard a greener planet for future generations!

We believe that “a society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in” and we find ourselves collectively responsible for the planet that has embraced us.

In our vision, waste represents a resource!

Brutal exploitation of nature, has jeopardize earth’s resources and if we continue at this rate, it is just the matter of time before we face severe consequences. Amid this darkness, the only hope is REUSE. Earth is exhausted and needs our help!


Uni-Recycling is proud of its employees. Our growth and success have not been possible without the commitment and hard work of our people. Today many of our core operations are supported by personnel that have demonstrated their loyalty to our company over the years and have contributed their thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm. We believe this dedication to build a strong relationship is the source of our success and the foundation to our future.