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Uni-Recycling, a Romanian-German company, was founded in 2005 and has won since that time the trust of our worldwide operating clients due to consistent market positioning and supply of individual customer tailored solutions in the field of environmental services. Today, like then, our field of activity refer to the wide range of environmental protection services, wherefore we actively involve and use our strengths: Expertise - Responsibility - Reliable Professionalism.

In our point of view, waste means resources and it is up to us to valorise them in order to protect our nature. From consultancy to the optimum end solution, Uni-Recycling is specialized in providing a full set of professional services by applying the latest available technology. We are present where complex problems are and deliver unique modern, complete, effective and best solutions, especially adapted  to our customer's requirements and locations, and together with our professional management support at each project step leads to a proven track record of success.

What recommends Uni-Recycling?

We are a team of experts with experience and practice at a wide range of environmental services, like handling of latest technical equipment, knowledge and application of national and international project regulations in accordance with our company policy, to protect the environment.

We are here to offer our expertise on the management of environmental issues.

Recycling, material or energy valorizations are ways to minimize the amount of stored waste, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment.


Environmental protection, Responsability, Expertise, Mobility, Security

Environmental protection

We develop our operations with focus on natural resources protection. Uni-Recycling offers the best solutions, adapted to each customer conditions, with positive results on the environment.


We are aware of the importance of  our role and we take full responsibility in the respect of the legal requirements, priority of the applied process, in accordance with international legislation, quality standards and HSEQ requirements.


project represents a new challenge. We rely on a team of  fully trained experts team working in the field, with experience in solving difficult operations that and require modern treatment methods and equipment.

Uni-Recycling develops both national and international projects. We develop strategic partnerships with world wide companies and we invest in our own equipment and logistic fleet.


Benefiting from its own team of experts and mobile equipments, Uni-Recycling provides a full set of specific services in the fastest and most efficient manner, answering promptly to each request. The reduction of mobilization time is reflected in the costs reduction and negative environment impact minimization.


Each operation is performed in complete safety conditions, in accordance with the applicable standards, by placing personnel safety, and environmental protection on first place.
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