Based on our experience, we understand that each environmental issue is unique, requiring a specific approach and an individual dedicated solution. In this respect, Uni-Recycling has developed a diversified range of services.

• Oil sludge treatment:

      ° Natural lagoons
      ° Concrete lagoons, sludge decanters, API separators


• Rehabilitation of contaminated sites - Treatment of contaminated sites polluted with oil, chemical, products, acid tars etc.

• Tank cleaning:

      ° Manual cleaning
      ° Semi-automatic cleaning
      ° Automatic cleaning

• Industrial cleaning:
      ° Air coolers cleaning
      ° Heat exchangers cleaning
      ° Pipeline maintenance, intelligent pigging
      ° Pipe & sewerage systems cleaning
      ° Column and tower cleaning
      ° Turnaround services

• Municipal and industrial waste water treatment plants

• Wastewater, emulsion and industrial sludge treatment

• Treatment of drilling fluids and mud

• Interventions for decontamination in case of accidental pollution

• Hazardous and non­ hazardous waste treatment

• Alternative fuel processing - Collection and valorization of hazardous, non-hazardous and hard recyclable industrial waste to obtain alternative fuel

• Compost and biomass production

• Lake cleaning and dredging services

• Specialized consultancy