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Selecting absorbents to recover different liquid types

Our absorbent pads and rolls are available in a range of construction types and weights. How an absorbent is constructed will affect its durability, wicking performance (the rate at which fluid is drawn up in to the absorbent) and also its slip resistance if being used as a floor covering.

Unbonded meltblown is made by simply melting a polypropylene resin, then squirting the resulting very fine fibres to form a continuous mat. The desired weight is accumulated in a single pass, and is then cut it into pads or rolls. Unbonded absorbents offer fast absorption but limited durability, these absorbents are not perforated. Unbonded meltblown is only available in an Oil only format (Not listed in catalogue please ask for more details).

Sonic Bonded is made just like unbonded but in addition is passed through sonic heads. These sonic bond points fuse the fibres together at small points, (the area covered by these bond points is approximately 5% of the pad so it offers some effective lint control). This process makes the absorbent a little stronger, but from an economic view point it can often be better to choose a single laminated version instead.

This is in our opinion the best all-round construction. We sonically attached thin layer of “no-lint” spun-bond material to the top surface of the meltblown core. This greatly reduces the linting (fibres detaching easily) and improves the strength. When used in roll format, it has a large advantage of not being as slippery when the meltblown core is placed face down.