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Uni Recycling

Spill Recovery Granules

Whilst granular absorbents still have a use they are usually outperformed by absorbent pads and rolls.

Site Mat

Site Mat provides a quality on-site solution to meet the increasing demand for the protection of the environment.

The Site Mat allows the free-flow of filtered water through the products side walls, eliminating the requirement of regular decanting of secondary containment trays when deployed outdoors.

Secondary Containment Spill Kits Prevention

This regulation applies to any container with a storage capacity of over 200 litres,and applies to any industrial, commercial or institutional site, e.g. factories, shops,offices, hotels, schools, public sector

buildings and hospitals. All types of oil except waste oil are included. A bund has to form a container around the tank capable of holding 110% of the contents of the oil stored or 25% of the total volume, whichever is greater. This is known as secondary containment.

Sweep Absorbent

Sweeps are ideal for removing the final oil sheen from a spill on surfaces of both salt and fresh water.

Boom Absorbents

Our absorbent boom is available in two sizes; 20cm and 13cm diameter, both being 3m long. Absorbent boom is very effective at retrieving and offering some containment for marine based spills. The larger 20cm boom is best for use in open water while the smaller 13cm is easier to handle and quicker to deploy and retrieve. Clips are situated 60cm from the end enabling long chains to be assembled.