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Mixed Construction Waste

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Efficient separation into different fractions

Rising landfill costs, more stringent legal restrictions on disposability and the ever-increasing demand for secondary raw materials of good quality call for innovative solutions to recover valuable products from mixed construction waste.

The processing equipment takes these boundary conditions into account with its high-performance technology and the wide variety of possible combinations – and reliably separates non-recyclable fractions from waste that can either be recycled or used as refuse derived fuel.

Mixed construction waste is generated with every demolition, renovation or construction site. It cannot completely be disposed of in landfill due to its organic content. Thermal disposal on the other hand is too expensive due to the high mineral content. That is why it is necessary to first separate the waste by density so that inert material can go to landfills while combustible material can be utilized effectively. We offer different separation processes that are combined into an individual package solution that effectively separates the material into:

  • Refuse derived fuel (plastic films)
  • Plastics and wood for utilization as an energy source (lightweight fraction)
  • Stones and metal (heavy fraction)

The Process at a glance


  • Lower disposal costs
  • Reliable separation of fractions into combustible and inert components
  • Mineral components can be crushed and used as recycled gravel

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