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Yale Law Application Deadline

If you are applying for the GRE General Test, we must receive your GRE scores from the Educational Testing Service (ETS) by the application deadline of 15 February 2022. Since it can take up to 15 calendar days for ETS to submit your results once the audit is complete, you must take the ERM no later than February 1, 2022. Applicants who have completed the GRE can log into their ETS accounts and select Yale Law School as the recipient of GRE scores with school code 4542. Each year, applicants from all fields and with scores in all areas are admitted to Yale Law School. The only guarantee that you will not be admitted is if you do not apply, and we take every application we receive seriously. For every 100 applicants, Yale Law School offers admission to 8 of them. In other words, it is quite difficult to get into Yale Law School. That said, if you have good LSAT or GRE scores and create a compelling app, you could be one of eight to get a quote. You must register and pay for LSAC`s LL.M. Credential Assembly Service (CAS) at least four to six weeks before the deadline for your first law school application. LSAC takes approximately two weeks to process a transcript or letter of recommendation in the United States from the time it is received.

Transcripts from countries other than the U.S. Institutions may take longer to process. LSAC will not send us your law school report until and if all official transcripts are made. Your TOEFL score – has been received. It is your responsibility to ensure that LSAC receives all your documents in a timely manner. Learn more about transcripts. We require that all applicants to the LL.M. submit their application online through LSAC`s electronic application service. Submit your application no later than December 1. There is no minimum GPA or LSAT score for applicants, but recent statistics show that the lowest GPA and LSAT scores received by a member of the most recent Yale Law School class were 3.32 and 155, respectively.

50% of successful applicants scored 173 or higher on the LSAT. In other words, to get into Yale Law School, you need excellent grades from your bachelor`s degree and an LSAT score of at least 173. If you`re hoping to be allowed with a little less, your other app components need to be really impressive. Applications will be reviewed approximately in the order in which they are completed. Your application is considered complete and ready for review once the law school has received your application documents, a report from the CAS, an LSAT and/or GRE note, and two letters of recommendation. We will not refuse your request to wait for additional letters of recommendation, subsequent test results or other additional documents. To ensure that all your recommendations are available for review, please check that they are on file with LSAC before applying to law school. It is your responsibility to ensure that all items arrive at Yale on time. It usually takes several weeks for LSAC to process application documents, so you should factor this time into account. We recommend assuming that LSAC takes at least three weeks to treat. Yale Law School says that applying earlier in the application cycle will not give you an advantage in admission, and that your chances of admission will remain constant regardless of when you submit your application.

That is, we recommend as soon as possible, so that you can take the time to prepare for the admission interview. Yale Law School will open its application for the Class of 2025 on September 1, 2021, and applications can be submitted beginning October 1, 2021. Applications must be submitted by February 15, 2022. It is your responsibility to ensure that all items arrive at Yale on time. Please note that it may take several weeks for your documents to be processed by LSAC. Yale Law School welcomes, but does not require many applicants to submit a diversity statement to help us learn more about them and how they would contribute to our community. Other applicants choose not to include diversity statements, especially if they have otherwise covered important aspects of their background and experience in their applications. One way to decide whether or not to include a diversity statement is to consider the aspects of your identity that are at the heart of your concerns and ensure that they are represented in your application. This section of the Yale Law School application consists of a series of questions that you can use to essentially tell the admissions committee what you did during and after your undergraduate studies.

It is intended to complement your CV at the Faculty of Law. The College`s Activities Section currently has the following three calls: All offers of admission are conditional on satisfactory satisfaction of the Dean`s certification requirement. Any discrepancy between a candidate`s answers to the questions in the Nature and Eligibility section of the application and the information contained in the Dean`s attestation forms will be considered sufficient grounds for withdrawing an offer of admission. Not sure how law school applications usually work? This video walks you through the process: Yale Law School accepts the results of the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and, more recently, the General Graduate Record Examination (GRE) test, and it has no preference among these standardized tests. If you apply to LSAT, you must pass the exam no later than January of your application year to be eligible. LSAC automatically reports all of your LSAT grades for the past five years, so you don`t have the option of not reporting your grade to the law schools you`re applying to. Their findings will feed into the information they receive in your LSAC CAS report. LSAC requires at least one LSAT writing sample to generate your EAS report. If you`ve completed the LSAT more than once, you don`t need to submit multiple writing samples, as Yale only uses one. Yale Law School is committed to equal opportunity and accessibility for all applicants who demonstrate great academic and personal promise, regardless of their citizenship status. Yale Law School evaluates applications regardless of a student`s citizenship or immigration status, and all students are eligible for financial aid based on law school needs. These policies include undocumented students living in the United States, whether or not they have DACA status.

Yale Law School does not require a Dean`s Certification Form as part of the initial application. If an offer of admission is made to you and you accept that offer, you must submit a Dean`s Certificate Form for each college or university degree program in which you are or have been enrolled, whether or not a diploma has been awarded. The Dean`s Certification Form and full advice will be included in the documents sent to admitted students. Second, each school should allow applicants to freely accept a new offer from another law school, even if a scholarship has been accepted, a deposit has been paid, or a commitment has been made to their school. Therefore, law schools should never ask you to withdraw your application to Yale Law School until YLS has made a decision on your application. The personal statement should help us learn more about the personal, professional, and/or academic qualities a candidate would bring to the law school community.