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Compost processing

Uni recycling

Natural recycling in the interest of the environment


The composting of biogenic waste such as green waste or organic waste creates high-quality soil improvers and homogeneous fuels that can be used for thermal recycling. New legal requirements regarding the quality of the products produced create new challenges.

The tailor-made solutions master these challenges and offer maximum flexibility for the changing tasks of the future.

Composting distinguishes two cycles: green waste composting and organic waste composting. In the case of green waste composting, the material is first shredded before the chopped material is rented in order to be finally screened. The screening not only has the task of particle size fractionation, but also the important function of removing non-biological contaminants. Various separations separate plastic and plastic as effectively as iron parts and stones. At the end of the process, a high quality and natural humus fertilizer is created.

The process at a glance


  • Tailor-made and flexible complete solutions
  • Maximum material digestion
  • Optimal rotting control
  • Perfect end product without foreign substances

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Uni recycling