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Industrial waste

Uni recycling

Tailor-made system concepts for reliable results:
Mobile modular or stationary commercial waste recycling!

The requirements and legal requirements (e.g. industrial waste ordinance) for handling industrial waste are constantly increasing – high-quality materials are to be increasingly recovered, processed and recycled. The aim is to obtain secondary raw materials, to separate fractions cleanly or to generate high quality substitute fuels.

Our delivers innovative overall concepts in the form of high-performance machines – combined to form a reliable, flexible system that lastingly and permanently increases both profitability and legal security.

Uni-recycling offers all the necessary individual components – whether as a mobile modular or stationary complete solution or as an addition to existing machines to meet the specified sorting and recycling rates. The following fractions can be generated:

  • Wood A1 or A2 / A3
  • Fe metals
  • Foils / paper-cardboard and cardboard
  • Alternative fuels
  • Fine mineral

The process at a glance


  • Flexible, mobile, modular use
  • Low operating costs thanks to modern, efficient drives
  • Legal certainty
  • Calculation security thanks to fast ROI
  • High profitability
  • All from a single source

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Uni recycling