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Landfill dismantling

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Robust and flexible solutions for a profitable process

The topic of landfill dismantling is becoming more and more relevant – be it to create new building land in metropolitan areas, to remediate soil and groundwater or to recover residues for material and energy recovery.

With its robust and powerful machines, we set new standards in ecologically and economically motivated landfill dismantling and combines them with a lot of experience precisely for the requirements on site.

Landfill dismantling is generally carried out to provide future landfill areas and to recover secondary raw materials such as the metals Fe and NE.

  • Alternative fuels
  • Secondary raw materials (Fe and non-ferrous metals)

The process at a glance


  • Robust process for extremely heterogeneous material
  • Our detailed advice in the field of landfill dismantling is based on years of experience in many recycling and processing processes – of course including the reliable Doppstadt service.

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