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Intervention on spills & accidental pollution

Uni recycling

Spills can have disastrous consequences for society; economically, and environmentally

It is necessary for all the industrial sectors, especially petroleum refining and oil transportation, to have the necessary tools for fast and efficient intervention in potential spill cases. Uni-Recycling provides quick intervention kits for all industries:

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Things are not always easy and that `safe’ things are not always so. That is why a technology is utilized to maximize performance of the products you use, making your life easier and genuinely safer.

An R&D team works hard to ensure the latest technology is in place. We mean the technology in the fibers that make up your absorbent pads, keeping each fiber longer and stronger:

  • Technology in your absorbent socks, retaining more fluid
  • Technology in your spill pallets, so they last longer and carry more
  • Technology in your spill response kits, making them lighter and more absorbent…

While competitors offer what they call Second Generation products we are at Third Generation, and already planning for tomorrow.

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