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Windows 10 Lizenz Billig Legal

Buyers of such a cheap Windows 10 license should now make statements to the prosecutor`s office about the facts. This involves both the Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro version. A single license of Windows 10 Professional currently costs 259 euros in Microsoft`s online store, optionally with a bootable USB stick. The so-called system builder versions of the operating system are much cheaper: they are available for about 130 euros. They are intended for the homes of systems that assemble computers themselves and sell them including Windows. We would have liked to ask all merchants via eBay if they have an original invoice, if they know what form of license it is and how to ensure that the license is no longer used. Unfortunately, eBay removed three out of five listings a week later and had only one rating: „We had to remove this listing from the site. You do not need to complete the transaction. Only the underlieha-2 provider replied in English: „I can assure you that the key is genuine. If there was something wrong, you wouldn`t be able to activate your operating system in the first place. His interpretation: As long as the key works, resale is legal.

Yes and no. Because the trade in used software is basically legal in Europe (unlike, for example, in the United States). But how to get a Windows 10 license without being on the verge of illegality? The easiest way is to purchase an official license from Microsoft or a reseller. The cheapest way is with a System Builder license, which costs a good 72 euros for Windows 10 Home and from 125 euros for Windows 10 Pro. Another way is to simply use an older Windows 7 or Windows 8 license that is still available on older computers. Alternatively, you can also buy a defective computer used cheaply – the license is acquired. In order to find out what`s behind the company with the cheap keys, the publishers of „c`t” have shopped. Five license keys for Windows 10 Pro were available on eBay for 26.40. The cheapest key costs 3.99 euros. A few seconds after the arrival of the five emails, each containing a 25-digit key and links to download Microsoft`s media creation tool. There are also several links to Windows forums and help pages related to installing and activating Windows.

However, there are various resellers, some more and others less serious, who already offer Windows 10 keys for 30 euros and less. These activation keys usually fall into a handful of categories and some of them are actually not „illegal” per se. To be clear, any activation key generated with stolen credit card or payment information, or using software, is illegal, whether it`s an operating system or a game. But most of the cheap Windows 10 activation keys that can be purchased online come from reputable sources. The two most popular ways to get cheap Windows licenses are gray market and volume licensing. The grey market simply means that these licenses were purchased in countries where Microsoft charges much less for a valid license. The other source, volume licensing, or often referred to as OEM licensing, is the excess of activations from large customers or, occasionally, Microsoft Software Developer Network (MSDN) subscribers who have found their way to market through resellers. While it is not illegal to use such licenses in the private sector, it is still a violation of Microsoft`s Terms of Service.

While this won`t ever lead police to stand at the door with a search warrant, these permits are often not completely free of problems. The fact that all the keys worked perfectly says nothing about the fact that they were legally resold. Windows keys work side-by-side on multiple computers without the Activation Wizard complaining. However, there may well be problems in the future: after the updates, the activation may be completed. Note: In Germany, the acquisition, distribution without connection to the equipment as well as the use of OEM versions are completely legal (I ZR 244/97 of 06.07.2000). The OEM and retail versions are identical, the only difference is the type of packaging. It is therefore quite possible to save 80 to 180 euros when buying Windows 10. In most cases, however, it may be advisable to purchase at least one completely legal and legitimate license and sit back and relax knowing that this software will remain easy to install and activate until the end of its life. On the other hand, those who opt for the cheaper option, which we do not recommend as I said, will have mixed experiences. And if it goes wrong, no one can complain about not being warned in time. Licenses purchased in other countries or continents could, for example, ensure that they are also used in the country of origin and not elsewhere by locating the IP address.

Experienced users know how to bypass this geolocation of the IP address, or to provide the right answer, but a residual risk remains. In the worst case, this can result in the license mark as invalid by Microsoft and therefore remotely disabled. This can be especially problematic if your own Windows installation is always connected to other Microsoft services. Conversely, volume license activation keys may not work from the start. Less reputable dealers sell licenses multiple times and often don`t offer the opportunity to complain about an activation key not working. Still others simply stop working overnight, without warning. Even riskier are offers that contain Windows 10 installation media in the form of a USB stick in addition to the activation key. These keys typically only work with the supplied installation media. So, if you lose it, you no longer have the option to install and activate the purchased license.

By the way, the same method is sometimes used to prevent, for example, the installation and activation of a desktop PC with an activation key originally intended for a laptop. And we probably don`t even need to talk about the risk of acquiring software activation keys from dubious foreign websites. If, as a customer, you want to be sure to get a legal copy of the software, you should already pay attention to the choice of words when selecting the reseller. The „keys” are not yet licenses, whether they work or not. The sale of used licenses always includes the documentation of the origin. If you have any doubts, you should ask before buying. A trader who cannot explain the history of the license is suspicious. If you`re still determined to save money and buy a cheap license, you need to know what you`re getting into. Websites that distribute corresponding gray market or volume licenses convince in most cases with their professional and serious appearance.

However, there is almost never a verification of the person or company behind it.