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Alternative Fuels

Uni recycling

Substitutive fuel production

The biggest challenge in the production of alternative fuels (EBS) lies in the inhomogeneity of the waste streams to be treated.

The machines score here with a wide range of options for adapting to specific tasks – and with short changeover times and the highest throughputs ensure maximum efficiency, economy and flexibility in applications.

The materials that are processed with our systems mainly include:

  • Bulky waste, residual waste from industry and trade
  • Commercial waste similar to household waste, production-specific commercial waste, construction site waste, sorting residues etc.

Depending on the demands placed on the processing width and depth, different components are used to ensure pre-shredding and post-shredding as well as separation exactly according to the special requirements. In the end there is always an output in the desired material quality.

The Process at a glance



  • Maximum availability of the individual components guarantees maximum availability of the entire system
  • Maintenance-friendly machines increase productivity over the years
  • Best shredding for optimal throughput at very economical costs
  • High flexibility and economy in the context of mobile modular system concepts
  • Extreme resistance to contaminants

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