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Waste Wood Recycling

Uni recycling

Solutions for all fields of application in the waste wood segment

The efficient and economical processing of waste wood requires the units to be adapted to a wide variety of challenges. High quality and throughput at low operating costs are required to fully exploit the potential of wood as a resource. 

Waste wood is mainly used both energetically (combustion in biomass power plants) and materially (wood-based panel industry). Furthermore, other uses such as composting or as a mulch base are also possible.

Waste wood is a valuable resource, the processing of which is becoming increasingly important.

Examples of waste wood:

  • Plywood from a separate collection
  • Industrial wood waste
  • Waste from wood processing such as furniture industry, floor / panel manufacture
  • Wooden packaging such as pallets, boxes, cable drums
  • Construction and demolition wood such as solid wood, chipboard, formwork wood
  • Doors, windows, construction timber, railway sleepers
  • Depending on the quality level, waste wood is used energetically (combustion in biomass power plants) or materially (wood-based panel industry).

The process at a glance




  • Mobile modular and stationary applications for every requirement;
  • Technical innovation and reliable function;
  • High output quality;
  • Lowest cost per ton.

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Uni recycling