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DSP 205

The interference-resistant design allows the DSP 205 to process most materials without pretreatment and the gentle digestion of the packaged feed material ensures a particularly clean fermentation substrate.


The screw press DSP 205 separates biogenic waste into a liquid and a solid fraction. The bioavailable components are enriched in the liquid phase and separated from packaging material and other contaminants before they are used as a substrate for biogas production in the wet fermenter. The solid phase can – depending on the feed material – be composted and, after sieving, can be used as a substitute fuel.

Two opposing mixing shafts in the feed hopper tear open the packaging and bags by shear force and do not shred them unnecessarily. In the case of kitchen waste and overlaid food, the machine does not require any pretreatment and due to the gentle digestion, the digestate does not require any further cleaning.

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