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Training consultancy

Uni recycling

In the field of environmental protection and industrial services


Uni-Recycling provides Plant Environmental Considerations study that entails an overview of environmental control technology, types of contamination, and environmental control recommendations for specific process units. In many cases, small incremental investments in alternatives can result in large waste reductions or emission credits.

Incorporating environmental considerations into plant operations and project design is essential due to continuously expanding regulations that affect the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Trends in regulatory requirements are moving beyond control of gross emissions and discharges, focusing more on targeted constituents and individual compounds. These regulations cover discharges to the air, water and ground, the generation of noise and odors, and the remediation of contaminated sites. Worker and community exposure, as well as impact on the environment must be evaluated as part of project planning and preparation of environmental impact assessments.


Additionally, effects of industrial plants on the environment play a major role in the public’s perception of operations. Good community relations is a valuable asset, and attention to plant discharges which may be of concern plays a major part in maintaining local support.

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Uni recycling