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Uni recycling

We develop our services with a focus on natural resources protection offering solutions tailored to clients’ requirements, yet always taking the environment into account. Our services are carefully adapted to customers’ conditions, in a way that we have always met what we have promised. We intend to keep it that way!

This is the reason why we invest in the most advanced technologies to be able to solve the most complex environmental challenges.

We deploy experts and technologies across the continents quickly to minimize environmental impacts of any situation. Uni Recycling can mobilize large teams of international experts and equipment within days of an incident.

Oil sludge treatment

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Rehabilitation of contaminated sites

Rehabilitation of contaminated sites home

Drilling waste management & Solids Control

Drilling waste management & Solids Control home

Water & wastewater treatment solutions

Water & wastewater treatment solutions home

Hazardous & Non-hazardous waste management

Waste management solutions home

Industrial cleaning & Maintenance

Industrial cleaning home

Tank cleaning

Tank cleaning home

Intervention on spills & accidental pollution

Intervention on accidental pollutions home

Training & consultancy

Training & consultancy home

At Uni-Recycling, we are here to provide you with specialized solutions tailored to specific environmental issues. If you have any questions or you are dealing with any environmental challenges that are not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Our technical department has created a solution making platform to address the most unique cases.

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