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Recycling Machines

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Superior Machines from the world’s leader

We are your specialists at processing all types and sizes of material through a globally renowned waste management machinery producer. Representing Doppstadt for many years now, we offer the largest range and size of machines for processing all types of bio mass, waste and materials for recycling. Doppstadt products represent high quality, innovation, and reliability. Doppstadt machinery is designed to have a high performance, low energy consumption with maximum environmentally friendliness.

We provide an impressive range of mobile and static recycling machines for all fields of application including; chipping, crushing, grinding, mixing, separating, screening, shredding, sorting, washing, and windsifting materials. Doppstadt machinery is working in the forests, landfills, quarries, recycling depots, transfer stations and integrated in waste systems.

According to your type and size of materials you wish to process as well as the outlet requirements, we offer below range of machineries, either single or in combination.