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Industrial cleaning & maintenance

Uni recycling

Industrial cleaning

Reduced process efficiency brings about energy loss. Uni-Recycling have developed effective and reliable mechanisms to not only save more energy, but also reduce downtime, increase process efficiency, and reduce overhaul costs.

Alongside storage tank cleaning, our industrial cleaning division offers cleaning services for Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, and Process Equipment. We offer:

  • High-pressure cleaning of heat exchangers, air coolers, pipes and other industrial equipment using combi jetting and vacuum trucks, high pressure pumps, etc.
  • Maintenance services including retubing of heat exchangers and air coolers
  • Preventative maintenance planning
  • Disposal / recovery of the generated waste in industrial cleaning process

Preferably, cleaning process is performed by automatic devices using special nozzles, high rate of productivity and safety for the operators. Depending on the situation, cleaning operations can be performed in-situ by using modular, portable, safe and easy to assemble modules.

Our advantages:

Over 15 years of experience has given us an insight to maximize productivity and efficiency of your processes with introduction of more transparent and cost effective procedures that will bring about several advantages. To mention a few:

  • We implement shutdown and maintenance plans for overhauling of heat exchangers
  • We use bundle extractors to eliminate the risk of damage
  • We first conduct a technical inspection to determine the malfunction degree for identification of tubes that need replacement
  • Inside and outside high pressure cleaning of bundles with proper equipment in the least possible time
  • Eddy current inspection to determine the working efficiency of the heat exchanger after the cleaning works and determine re-tubing requirements
  • Final inspection and hydro test followed by a quality control report

By implementing a shutdown and maintenance plan for overhauling of heat exchangers and air coolers, we maximize process efficiency and minimize costs of the entire refining process. The shutdown plan plays a vital role to keep the refining equipment in maximum level of efficiency, minimum production loss.

During the shutdown either all or only a part of the refining equipment are temporarily decommissioned from production in order to be cleaned and inspected to prevent damage and the wear. Cleaning can be performed mostly on all process equipment, including:

  • Heat exchangers – tube bundles, shell cases, tube & shell construction
  • Air coolers – cleaning of inside bundles and outside finned pipes
  • Vessels, tanks, reactors and tubes
  • Furnaces, columns and pipelines

Our turnaround services can introduce uncountable benefits to power, petrochemical, and refinery plants both from technically and economically/ commercially.

The benefits are highlighted by:

  • Preservation and longtime operation of the refining equipment
  • Reduced time for maintenance
  • Increasing safety and operational standards
  • Increased performance and productivity
  • Much lower process losses
  • Increasing the quality of end products
  • Decreasing the overall production costs
  • And last but not least much more increased rate of profitability.

1. Tube Bundle Extraction

To increase the safety and minimize the risk of damage and time spent for the bundles extraction, proper equipment is used, specially designed in such a way that it has a maximum reach into the construction. The bundle extractor is using a pulling hook mechanism and 2 butt plates which are clamped against the shell and the giant 60 tf. is compensated against the shell flange and not the structure of the tube bundle.

By using specially designed extractors, damage to the tubes or tie rods is down to minimum making the operation very safe, efficient and time saving against classical methods that use slings which can damage the baffle plates, tubes or tie rods.

2. Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The cleaning process can either be developed in a special designed washing area but also inside the plant where there is no other option available (usually the shell & tube heat exchangers are cleaned in situ).

The cleaning process is preferably performed by automatic devices using special nozzles, high rate of productivity and safety for the operators.

Heat exchanger bundles are thoroughly cleaned using pressures of over 1.000 bar and flow between 120 – 200 l/min, so the power of water works as a true enemy for any kind of foul, deposit and/or blockage.

3. Air Cooler Cleaning

Usually, the cleaning operations are performed in-situ by using modular, portable, safe and easy to assemble modules.

For cleaning the inside of tubes, Uni-Recycling uses a cleaning robot, with special adapters, which bring improved cleaning capabilities compared to manual methods.

For outside area of finned tubes, cleaning is performed automatically by using a unique and compact engineered air fin cooler cleaning device equipped with a special design reel system and drive unit.

The maximum working pressure of the system is 150 bar with 150 l/min water flow and can be easily adapted depending on the contamination degree.

Re-Tubing Services

Heat exchanger re-tube works are especially important subject for big industrial plants such as oil refineries, petrochemical industry, power plants, other chemical industries for equipment like Shell and tube heat exchangers, condensers, feed water heaters, etc. It is generally a more economic option comparing to new equipment fabrication due to the fact that the tube sheet, baffles and the shell will be reused. However, it is different and more complicated than fabrication of new heat exchangers, because to be able to use the old heat exchanger tube sheet, old tubes and stubs from the tube sheet shall be pulled without any damage on the surface. This work needs expertise and special equipment.

Uni-Recycling has created the foundation and gained experience in to perform such works.

In addition to a highly experienced team, we enjoy hydraulic pulling system that has many advantages over conventional drilling or stroke methods.

These advantages include:

  • In this method, the tube is caught inside the tube hole and pulled out . By this way there is no mechanical contact inside the tube sheet hole that safeguards the original tube hole dimension and circular shape. This method guarantees the quality.
  • There is no need for cutting the tubes between baffles and behind the tube sheets, for it can pull from both ends. This causes perfect time advantage during the disassembly and assembly process.
  • This method is perfect for planned short-time urgent shutdowns of the industrial plants.

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