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Pit & Quarry (Mine Dump Treatment)

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Hazardous & Non-hazardous waste management – Pit & Quarry (Mine Dump Treatment)


Minerals Are a Finite Resource!

Mine pile can measure up to several hundreds of thousands of tons in weight and contain an average of 50-70% of raw material (natural stone).

Depending on time of year and material quality the available screening technology is being stretched to its limits. This is where the counter-rotating spiral shaft technology by Doppstadt comes into play

The spiral shaft separator Doppstadt SWS 3000 keeps going when other screening technology falters – while processing extremely clayey, cohesive, sticky and humid input materials. The system is an almost all-season screening solution.

  • efficient extraction of high-quality raw materials from cohesive mixed fractions contained inexisting waste dumps
  • life span extension of approved quarries by way of waste dump utilization/processing
  • substantial volume reduction in waste dumps

New Separation Method

  • The tub-shaped screening deck is made of two counter-rotating screening units which disperse the input material.
  • The material enters the curved deck areas and is being kept in motion over a longer period. This is how the machine separates the contaminants from the useful fraction without clogging.
  • The material mix is being dropped onto the spiral shaft deck, clogging the screening gaps thanks due to its cohesiveness. The shaft movements, however, cause the gaps to be continuously excorciated and thus cleaned.
  • This makes the SWS 3000 a self-cleaning system whose active screening gaps ensure a constantly high screening performance.

By changing the inclination of the screening decks the operator may adjust the quality and quantity of the fractions with regard to material consistence and ambience conditions


  • Unrivaled separation method for heavy-duty operation
  • Continues where other screening technology falters
  • Processes mixed material fractions regardless of humidity and cohesiveness
  • Self-cleaning system based on active screening gaps
  • Very efficient and resource-conserving separation process
  • All-the-year applicability

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