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Coming soon:  Advanced solution for treatment and recovery of sludge!

Our company is in the process of implementing an innovative state-of-art plant for superior recovery of sludge, with a deadline of completion estimated in mid-2021.

Given the pressure generated by the numerous infringement notifications from the European Commission – at national level must be identified and implemented urgently solutions for treatment and recovery of significant amounts of sludge resulting from the wastewater treatment process.

In order to comply with EU legislation, sewage plant operators need a safe (long-term) solution for sludge treatment that involves: time, planning, investment, identifying the best environmental protection options, a long-term approach to identifying optimal options for treatment, recovery/disposal of sludge practicable, sustainable and efficient.

In this sense, in the last years together with our specialists we were focused to develop such a modular facility that can be placed in any location.

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